Puss in Boots

The wonderful Brothers Grimm fairytale told with music, dance and singing.

The tale of Puss the Cat, who becomes a bit human to help the miller son Hans with wit, courage and a lie to change his life. Told through singing, dancing and spoken word from a team of two professional singers, an actor and a dancer, accompanied by a pianist. Using a wide range of music – from classic, to musical theatre and Disney songs to jazz. This is a great show for the whole family. 

40 minutes without an interval

Recommended for families with primary school aged children

What the audience said
“The play is great entertainment for young and old. With attention to detail in the costumes and stage design, professional singing, sensitive instrumentation and cheerful harmony in the ensemble. The audience is attracted and fully taken up with it. Rating: Highly recommended!”

What the audience said
“Highly entertaining musical which brings the fairytale of Puss in Boots to life! Performed by very talented artists (Lepetit Ensemble) – this show is guaranteed to amaze both young and old!”

“We thoroughly enjoyed ‘Puss in Boots’. It’s fantastic musical story telling. Great singing and acting, audience participation and some very funny and surprising actions. The outdoor setting worked great for families.”